AboutMeco Pvc

For many years, we have specialized in the production of windows and doors made using PVC technology.

It’s our aim to supply products which meet the highest quality standards, and also the expectations of every one of our customers. A home is an important place in every person’s life. We all spend the majority of our free time in the home, relaxing in the peace and quiet of a pleasant and properly lit interior. It’s for this reason that we make every effort to ensure that our products satisfy the most demanding tastes. MECO PVC windows guarantee a high level of comfort and change every home into a space which is full of light, warmth and elegance.

MECO PVC is a leading Egyptian producer of PVC profile windows and doors systems. We are constantly improving our products and services for our customers, as shown by our numerous tests and technical laboratory certificates. These confirm the high standard and quality of our products, and give customers a sense of security.


PVC Profile Technology

The technology of pressing profiles from hard PVC has been developing for the last 30 years. Polyvinyl chloride is an exceptionally durable and long-lasting material. Thanks to this, windows and doors made from this material work reliably for many years. PVC is resistant to mechanical damage and atmospheric factors, such as rain, frost, wind, UV radiation, and changing temperatures. Additionally, it has excellent heat-retention qualities and ensures optimal acoustic insulation. Windows made of PVC do not change their shape or color with time and are easy to maintain.

Thanks to the ease with which they can be made in practically every shape, they are a perfect complement for modern and traditional architecture. In 1994, MECO PVC company bought an ultra-modern and fully automated production line, which guarantees high quality PVC window frames.