Louver Shutter


Louver shutters have been a long standing and functional element of modern building design. MecoPVC have reclaimed this important architectural feature, refining its aesthetics and performance for today’s environment.


Louver shutters protect your home. Harsh sun and extreme weather can fade your interior, damage your home and leave your family vulnerable. MecoPVC louver shutters protect you from the elements and deliver a strong sense of design and style.

لحماية منزلك من  الشمس القاسية والطقس المتطرف الذى يتسبب فى تلف الأثاث والديكورات والضرر بمنزلك  وعائلتك,  لوفر شترز من “ميكو بى فى سى” تحميك من كل هذه  العناصر الضارة وتضفي إحساسًا قويًا بالتصميم والأناقة

For the best result in your home, MecoPVC louver shutters can be installed to the frame of your windows or on the wall if required.

To best suit your design, louver shutters are available as a single sash and double sash for larger openings.

Best of all, MecoPVC Louver Shutters are designed to suit all window types. Our leading design and high-quality components will assure you of an attractive and functional louver shutter for many years to come.