Roller Shutter


Windows brighten our lives and capture the view, but what if we could make them disappear when we wanted. Burglars look at your windows as the weak link into your home. Using MecoPVC Roller Shutters improves your home security by deterring any potential intruders.


Keep your family safe and gain valuable energy savings. Roller shutters add a strong exterior layer to your home, not only improving your home’s insulation; they help protect you from glare, noise and the danger of broken glass. When the storm rages outside, roller shutters give your windows additional protection against flying debris. Enjoy an added sense of privacy and safety while discouraging burglars towards an easier target.

The MecoPVC Roller Shutters:

Are made from the highest quality profiles according to European quality standards
Are designed to look perfectly matched to your style
Are durable, ecologically friendly and weatherproof
Are resistant to the harshest climates
Do not require any special maintenance
Have excellent heat and sound insulation
Make a home warm and comfortable


MecoPVC roller shutters enhance the appearance of your home while adding immediate value to your property. They also provide a powerful psychological crime barrier and are recommended by many insurers. Your family benefits from additional home insulation that saves your cooling and heating costs. Your house is kept cozy and comfortable all year long. Roller shutters protect your home interior from sun glare, heat and UV damage. MecoPVC roller shutters also act as acoustic insulator, reducing noise levels significantly. Complete privacy when you need it and unobstructed views when you want it!